One Piece Review.

One Piece is a manga many recieve as either very good, or very bad. HOWEVER, in Japan, EVERYONE loves it. Eiichiro Oda, the creator and mangaka of one piece, is respected so highly, that Akira Toriyama himself (creator of Dr. Slump, Dragonball, and Dragonball Z) decided to make a crossover with one piece titled “Cross Epoch”, featuring characters such as Demon Sky Pirate Vegeta.


One Piece is the third best selling Manga ever, behind only dragonball and kuchikoke ( not sure about spelling) which was made in 1973 more or less. A volume of one piece is the GREATEST SELLING MANGA OF ALL TIME. Is One Piece that good? Well my review will tell you what I think.

Story: An AMAZING story. Its set, and each character has a dream. This is very unlike Naruto, where it goes from becoming hokage to saving sasuke to fighting Pein. The goals are set, and the story is extremely interesting. Luffy wants to become Pirate King, a position he believes will enable him to have the most freedom in all the sea. In this are the World Government, which divides itself into smaller sects, The Marine HQ and Shickibukai ( seven warlords, people of great individual power), as well as teh Yonkou (four emperors, Pirates who control enormous parts of the grandline). I wish not to spoil much, but it even goes as far as the strawhat pirates going into the sky and beating up  “God”.

Art: It looks kiddy first couple of chapters. But Eiichiro Oda’s art progresses as One Piece goes on. Oda has some of the best art I have EVER seen, msot notable on his landscapes. I dare say his art is on the level of Berserk ( seinin manga), which has AMAZING art. The art eventually grows on you, and you wonder how a man could do such amazing art in only a single week.

Overall enjoyment: I enjoy every chapter of One Piece. Every Arc is extremely epic, and plot holes are virtually non existant. Almost nothing is retconned ( retcon means for example, a character is weak against water, but lets say 2 arcs later, he is not weak against water YET this is never explained, so a contradiction which is never explained), and I LOVE readding it. The anime adaptation has INCREDIBLE voices, and I don’t think I have ever cried as much ( ever cried at all to this actually) as I have watching One Piece, including chopper’s past, Robin’s past, and the funeral for the going merry.

Final Verdict: 10/10.  Even if you do not like most shonen, this is the manga for you. A unique art style, ORIGINAL story, original concepts ( devil fruits), and just so much originality, Eiichiro Oda re-invents the shonen genre through One Piece, and succeds tremendously. I recommend reading up to at LEAST the end of Enies Lobby/Beginning of Thriller Bark.  If you need further proof, you can find me
at the narutofanforums (look for it on google) in the One Piece section by the Alias of Shoddragon.


Hancock Review

I have been absent for a while yet again, but my PC was not working. I will be writing two reviews today. And from now on, I will be doing reviews for manga/animes since as my site name suggests, I LOVE anime. Well Hancock was a great movie.

Acting: Will Smith yet again delivers a great great acting ability. It truly seems like he was enjoying it, and the emotions, from sad, to angry, to delivering a speech, were flawless. I say overall acting is a 9.8/10.


Story: Not spoiling too much, Hancock is a bum superhero, in other words, a homeless man who saves lives. After saving a Public Relations man from an oncoming train, the man decides Hancock deserves a better reputation. And he teaches Hancock about things he could do to improve his rep. Eventually, an arrest is put out for Hancock, but of course, being the superhuman he is, it would be impossible to take him alive. He saves lives, but does millions of dollars of property damage in the process. And thus he is deemed too dangerous.


The PR man tells hancock that going to jail will make people miss him, and sure enough, after a few weeks in jail, the crime rate has went up about 90% ( not sure about the exact number). The Police chief orders for Hancocks release, and Hancock dons a pretty silly looking superhero costume. The rest of the movie is very good, so I will not spoil it.


Overall: A solid superhero movie, and a breath of fresh air. A homeless man that is alsoa  superhero, yet is also hated rather than loved. a solid 9.6/10

The Hulk Review

Sorry for my absence, but I have returned!!!! and After seeing the hulk I have a nice review for you guys. I am going to start putting my reviews into categories from now on.

Graphics/Use of CGI: 10/10. I was blown away at how incredible the Hulk and Abomination looked, how amazing the crashing and breaking of buildings and concrete in nice, clear, loud theater sound, and it was simply great. probably even better than transformer in that department.

Plot: 9.8/10 : It seems marvel movie’s coming out this year are following up to the avenger’s movie. in virtually the first 5 minutes of the movie as it sets up, if you notice, on of the security files has the name “Nick Fury” on it and it quickly disappears as the files are searched through. I will not spoil the meat and bulk of the story, but Tony Stark ( same person from from the iron man movie and same actor) appears at the end of the Incredible Hulk movie and basically tells general Ross the hulk might have use, and basically tells general ross that he wants to invite the hulk into the avengers, which if you stayed till after the credits for Iron Man, you would know Nick Fury invited TOny Stark as well. the movies appear to have a chronological order, as iron man came first and then hulk, I expect an entirely new spiderman movie by the end of this year as well.

Action:10/10. At first, the action does not seem like much, but it builds up as Banner is pissed of and eventually beats the shit out of some brazilian dudes ( he is in brazil at the beginning of the movie) that keep picking on him, and it gets amazing after this.

overall enjoyment: 10/10. I highly recommend this movie. its AMAZING, and its best to see if you have already seen Iron Man.

Iron Man Review

Just as people like my friend Setsuna Setsunai said, I came into the movie thinking it was not going to be AMAZING, but merely average. The fist hulk movie was pretty good in my opinion although not at all amazing, just an OK movie. not great or anything :(. and movies like spiderman 1 2 and 3 were again, ok, but not mindblowing although part 3 was my favorite if only for the less than 15 minutes of screen time  of black suit spiderman and venom. Venom’s name was stated and his voice and bukiness corrected in the spiderman 3 game because in the movie, the voice was nowhere near menacing and he looked shrimpy. not the venom we all knew and loved.

Anyway, the same cliche comic rolling like at the beginning of the spiderman movies occured, and immediately the movie looked great. Tony Stark built his first motherboard at the age of 4, and his first engine at the age of 6. all this is explained after he is taken captive after a roadside bomb blows up a car in front of him and the soldiers protecting him are killed ( after which a missile landed near him and the shrapnel nearly pierced his heart).

I won’t spoil it for people who have not seen it yet, but the CGI was AMAZING. the jericho missile launch was GREAT, the graphics and such were even better than transformers in my honest opinion. I’ll admit, I am one of the people who thought cloverfield might suck, but when I saw it , it blew me away. the whole concept of the story was incredible and the characters’ struggles GREAT.

However, I didn’t think any other movie would blow me away, at least not so soon. but Iron Man managed to do it. Great CGI, very good voice acting without wasted effort or anything of the such. action at EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, where there is not action there is great suspense.

I highly recommend this movie, and in fact, think it will suck as your going into the movies. Because if you do ( like I did) you will be AMAZED. It was a movie many thought might fail but was great in the end. don’t put your expectations too high and you will truly enjoy it. a must see movie.

HAI GAIZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to everyone visiting my blog. I made this after seeing how my good friend, SetsunaSetsunai, made one ans it was very interesting. On my blog I will be reviwing mostly movies however since summer is going to be coming soon ( when I buy around the most games in the year) I will be doing video game reviews.

Feel free to comment however you like, but nothing such as “hahaha, stfu noob” or “gtfo this post sucks”. I am really a laid back sort of guy but if you start flaming and being annoying purposely (sometimes people just don’t understand the rules or something, I give em another chance ^_^ ). I made this so people could enjoy my rants and such abotu video games and movies, and whether to go see the movies/buy the games and such.